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The Commercial team boasts more than 50 years of combined underwriting experience to help serve your needs. Our underwriters continuously communicate with each other, as well as our customers, in order to maintain our “same day, next day” service. Our team individually underwrites each application to ensure we are offering our best and most competitive quotes. Our underwriters are on standby to review your accounts, so give us a call today!

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Alarm or Security System Installer

Alarm or Security System Design, Installation, Service, Repair or Monitoring Application.


Habitational dwelling with five or more units. Subsidized and student housing can be considered.

Artisan Contractors

A contractor that specializes in a certain skill or skills. These include plumbers, HVAC contractors and electricians.

Automobile Service & Repair (GL)


Eating/drinking establishments can be considered for general liability, liquor and property coverages.

Beauty Salons/Nail Salons/Barber Shops

Tanning, nail and hair services can be considered.

Builders Risk

New construction from the ground up. Residential and commercial projects can be considered. Construction work cannot be started yet.

Building with Renovations

Occupied or unoccupied residential or commercial buildings under renovation. Construction work cannot be started yet. No structural renovations.


This product is specifically designed to accommodate the coverage and pricing needs for a wide variety of caterers.

Child Care

In-home child care and commercial child day care centers. Risks with swimming pools can be considered.


This all-in-one package is designed to meet the needs of your small house of worship operations. The product specializes in covering small community, start-ups, storefront or inner city operations for all types of religious faiths and denominations.

Clothing Stores

Commercial Umbrella and Excess Umbrella

This product will go over a primary underlying carrier with an A.M. Best rating of A- or better. The risk would have to be an eligible risk that we would consider on a primary basis.


This product is specifically designed to accommodate the coverage and pricing needs for a wide variety of concessionaires and vendors.

Condominium Associations

Contractor’s Equipment

This product provides broad, all risk coverage, for many types of equipment on an inland marine form.

Convenience/ Gas/ Grocery/ Deli

Small to larger stores offering a variety of items such as groceries, toiletries, liquor and soft drinks. Stores open 24 hours can be considered. They may also have a small deli area where they sell freshly prepared sandwiches or salads.


We offer coverage for both interior and exterior demolition contractors. The quote is based on the contract price, including salvage value. Coverage features include blanket Primary Additional Insureds and Blanket Waiver of Subrogation automatically included at no additional charge. Coverage can be written as annual or per-job (short-term) basis.

Earthquake Coverage

Electronic Stores


Fast Food

Eating/drinking establishments with no table service.


Fitness Center

A physical fitness facility or club with or without equipment or tanning beds. 24-hour or key club operations can be considered.

Games and Entertainment

This product includes more than 60 classes of business from batting cages to movie theaters, sports courts and even amusement centers with multiple exposures.

General Contractor

This product applies to up to 100 percent subcontracted work with general contractors who comply with all state, local or municipal license and/or registration requirements in the areas in which they perform their work. This includes custom home builders performing new single-family residential home construction or the remodeling of existing homes. We can also consider construction of small to medium-sized commercial buildings for low to moderate hazard occupancies (offices, retail sales, grocery stores or warehouses) not exceeding three stories in height.


Apartment, condominium and other multiple-residence property owners have specialized needs when it comes to finding comprehensive insurance coverage. Habitational property owners insurance protects your assets as well as offers options such as liability protection for condominium association members and loss of rental income for apartment owners.



Hotel-motel insurance is a very specific type of commercial insurance that has been tailored to meet the unique coverage needs of hotel and motel owners. There are many different coverage options available, allowing you to build a policy that is sufficient to meet your unique requirements.

Hunting Clubs, Guides, Outfitters, & Hunting Preserves

This product applies to those businesses that allow individuals to participate in activities such as hunting, fishing, canoeing, rafting, mountain climbing or other outdoor expeditions for a charge.

Inland Marine

Property insurance for property in transit over land, certain types of moveable property, instrumentalities of transportation (such as bridges, roads and piers), instrumentalities of communication (such as television and radio towers) and legal liability exposures of bailees. Many inland marine coverage forms provide coverage without regard to the location of the covered property; these are sometimes called "floater" policies. As a group, inland marine coverage forms are generally broader than property coverage forms.


Cleaning services performed at residential, office or mercantile locations, including retail stores, restaurants, theaters, arcades or banks. Risks that offer window cleaning and floor waxing can also be considered.

Land Leased to Others

This product is specifically designed for land that is not vacant, but leased to others for use. This product targets applicants seeking to cover a lessor’s risk exposure for their land.


A profession that involves the art and technology of landscape and garden project planning, construction and landscape management, and maintenance and gardening. A contractor in this specialty constructs, maintains, repairs, installs and develops landscape systems and facilities for public and private gardens and other areas which are designed to aesthetically, architecturally, horticulturally or functionally improve the ground within or surrounding a structure, tract or plot of land. A contractor in this specialty falls and/or removes trees, stumps and/or branches on residential or commercial property or near a residential or commercial structure, outbuilding or fence. This classification applies to specialty contractors performing tree pruning, dusting, spraying, repairing, trimming and/or fumigating. These operations involve the care of trees such as, but not limited to the removal of dead, dangerous or unwanted branches, trimming for beautification purposes, the various methods of applying fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides and the care of damaged or diseased trees.


This product applies to laundries and dry cleaners equipped with household-type automatic washing machines or dry cleaning machines, which serve customers on a while-you-wait-basis. We can consider 24-hour operations with coin meters.

Lessors Risk

Lessor's risk insurance protects the owner of rental property from lawsuits and other forms of damage. If you own a building and use it for the purpose of leasing retail, warehousing, office or personal space to others, lessor's risk insurance is an essential financial tool for protecting you against liability. It can help shield you from lawsuits if a lessee or a customer of the lessee sustains bodily injury or property damage while on your property. Lessor's risk insurance protects you from liability arising from a lessee's property loss, which includes damage and destruction of property, vandalism and theft. It only applies to property located in the building you own.

Liquor Liability

Any establishment that sells, serves or assists in the purchase or use of liquor (i.e. dram shop) opens its doors for a liability claim as a consequence of someone getting drunk to the extent that injuries or property damages are the result. This includes restaurants, bars, nightclubs and taverns.

Liquor Stores


The process, work or business of cutting down trees and transporting the logs to sawmills. This classification applies to risks engaged in the operation of harvesting lumber on a large-scale basis by cutting down trees in a given area or location. Logging or lumbering operations can take place in either natural forests or planned tree farms and are necessary when housing developments, golf courses or other similar construction projects require substantial clearing of timber. The construction of temporary roads for the exclusive use by the logger is included. This is normally performed with a simple bulldozing operation.

Lumber Yard

A lumber yard is a location where lumber and wood-related products used in construction and/or home improvement projects are processed or stored. Some lumber yards offer retail sales to consumers, and some of these may also provide services such as the use of planers, saws and other large machines. Lumber yards sell products made at lumber mills, where customers pick up products at the yard themselves or request that an order be built and delivered to them by the lumber yard.

Main Street Business

This product includes more than 100 classes of business from antique stores to florists, bakeries and even art galleries. Coverage details include property coverage available in broad, basic or special form for buildings, contents and more. Equipment breakdown coverage, money and security coverage, sign coverage, glass coverage and loss of income coverage are all available optional coverages for most main street mercantiles.


This product consists of making products with machines in factories or by hand. From food and beverage to metals and plastics, we will be able to consider a variety of different manufacturing risks.


Mobile Home Parks

Office Product

This product provides a comprehensive bundle of coverages for over 50 specific office classes such as accountants, advertising agencies, answering services, draftsmen, insurance agencies, medical offices, real estate offices, telemarketers, ticket agencies and more.

Permanent Cosmetics

Pest Control

We offer coverage for typical household/light commercial exterminators and pest control services. The quote is based on sales. Coverage automatically includes Wood-Destroying Organism Inspection E&O sub-limits, Pest Control In-Transit Pollution sub-limits, Lost Key coverage sub-limits and Property Damage Coverage extension.

Pet Care

Our Pet Care product is designed for pet day care and/or kennel operations with incidental pet product retail sales, pet training or pet grooming.

Premises Preferred



This product consists of a place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises. We can consider restaurants with or without table service, with live entertainment and with a high percentage of alcohol sales.


We offer coverage for residential and/or commercial roofers, based on the insured’s payroll. Coverage highlights include Blanket Primary Additional Insureds and Blanket Waiver of Subrogation automatically included at no additional charge. This classification is often combined with other codes, such as carpentry.

Security Guards/Detective Agencies

We offer general liability coverage for various types of Security and Patrol services, including Guard Dogs and Canine Corps, as well as Private Detective or Investigative agencies.

Special Events

This product applies to one-day, multi-day or annual event policies. We can consider over 100 classes of business including the following for spectator liability only: Competitions, conventions and trade shows, parties, festivals, parades, musical performances, picnics, sporting events, fundraisers, rodeos, tournaments and many more.

Special Events Liquor Liability

This product applies to one-day, multi-day or annual event policies. We can consider over 100 classes of business including the following for spectator liability only: Competitions, conventions and trade shows, parties, festivals, parades, musical performances, picnics, sporting events, fundraisers, rodeos, tournaments and many more.

Specialty Training Schools

This product is specifically designed to accommodate the coverage and pricing needs for the following types of specialty schools: art instruction, athletic instruction, bartending school, beauty/beautician school, business/secretarial/paralegal, charm/modeling, computer classes, cooking instruction, craft/quilting/hobby instruction, dance instruction, gambling, insurance classes, language instruction, massage, medical/nursing, music instruction, photography instruction, public speaking, reading instruction, real estate classes, tailor/dressmaking, theater/drama and tutoring/SAT/LSAT and wine tasting.

Student Housing

We can consider 100% student housing whether it is on campus, off campus, or fraternity/sorority houses. Our GL is rated off of the number of bedrooms.

Tattoo & Body Piercing

The Long Shot (Hole in One)

Tree Trimming

Truckers General Liability

This product applies to risks engaged in hauling goods of others under contract and not goods owned by the insured. This type of risk can operate on a local, intermediate or long-haul basis.

Vacant Building

This product applies to completely unoccupied and vacant buildings undergoing renovations or remodeling. We are able to consider short-term policies (3 or 6-month terms).

Vacant Land

This product applies to rural or urban land with no buildings, construction activity, business or recreational activities present up to 1,000 acres per location. We can consider risk with lakes or ponds up to 25 acres.

Vape Shops/Smoke Shops



A building consisting of individual, small, self-contained units that are leased or owned for the storage of business and household goods or contractors supplies.