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The Non Profit Package team provides an easy-to-access insurance solution for nonprofit organizations, enabling them to meet all their insurance needs in one package. We have a broad appetite for most nonprofit entities, including community associations, churches, social services and other charitable organizations. In addition to property and general liability, we are able to provide directors and officers liability with optional employment practices liability, professional liability, abuse and molestation liability and special events/liquor liability.

Art and Culture Organizations

Museums, art galleries, theatre companies, comedy/dance, musical troupes and ballets and choirs/orchestras are all examples of some of the risks we would cover with this type of policy. With this class of business, we can offer your insured the option to purchase general liability, property, inland marine and D&O/EPLI all on one policy.

Community Associations

Community association policies would usually target homeowner, townhome and residential condominium associations by providing specifically designed D&O coverage including EPLI, general liability, property and crime coverage. In addition, we would also be able to offer an umbrella with coverage over our D&O liability.

Foundations & Charitable Organizations

Charitable organizations and foundations are philanthropic groups aimed at bringing awareness to a specific cause or focus. These organizations typically host multiple events throughout the year in order to raise the funds necessary to help meet their goals. Often times, these organizations require multiple policies to meet their various insurance needs. We are able to offer general liability, property, D&O/EPLI, special event coverage and liquor liability on a single policy.

Fraternal Clubs

This type of policy is designed to meet the needs of fraternal clubs and other private membership organizations by allowing them to purchase general liability, property, crime, liquor liability and D&O/Employment Practices liability coverage all in one policy.

Social Services

This is a broad range of nonprofit community service organizations such as animal shelters, big brother-big sister, caregivers (non-medical), counseling and referral agencies, food banks/soup kitchens, hospices, thrift stores, transitional housing, vocational sheltered workshops and more! These organizations would be able to package their general liability, property, abuse and molestation, social service professional liability, hired and non-owned auto, D&O/EPLI and special events coverage all in one policy.

Youth Sports

This type of policy would be designed for nonprofit youth sports organizations offering minimal contact sports, including but not limited to baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, lacrosse, tennis and golf for athletic participants 18 years of age and under. We would be able to provide general liability, property, abuse and molestation, assault and battery, inland marine and D&O/EPLI coverage all on one policy.